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Coverage Audit

What you’ll learn#

  • What is Coverage Audit
  • How to setup Coverage Audit
Canarytrace Pro

Canarytrace collects requests on resources e.g. (javascript and css) and measures how much percentage is not used. All data are saved into c.coverage-audit-* Elasticsearch index. Coverage audit is ideal to monitor if you want to speed up web loading and if you want to save on data transfer in the cloud.

"total": 685,
"unused": 42,
"percentUnused": 6,
"url": "",
"labels": [
"spec": "smoke.js",
"testStep": "",
"uuidAction": "d2494b9f1089bb2348ef",
"uuid": "6c0bdcb54d3dda801f1e6f6b44f59f17",
"timestamp": "2022-02-20T23:23:46.631Z"