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Hero Elements

Canarytrace Pro

Your business probably has these questions:#

  • When exactly does the user see the car?
  • When exactly does the user see information about acceleration on earth?
  • When exactly does the user see the button ORDER NOW?

Hero Elements

The only way to find out are Hero Elements.#

Add measure marks into your code / HTML template. When measure mark passes through the parser, Canarytrace stores the exact render time. After that, you can see individual phases in the graph.

HTML snippets (texts, menu, images etc) are always parsed from top to bottom and because of that the render time is a very accurate metric.

Thanks to render time, you can then very accurately measure the time when certain parts of the web page were displayed. With this information can business team, frontend development team or product owner, make some important decisions backed up with hard data.

User-centred non-functional requirements#

Thanks to Hero Elements you can specify the exact requirements for the rendering time of the whole page as well as its part. For example:

  • The main image with the car must be displayed within 1.000 ms on a desktop computer.
  • After each release, the button ORDER NOW must be displayed within 1.300 ms.
  • All scripts in the header must be evaluated and executed within 500 ms.

How to use measure code#

To measure Hero Elements, add javascript marks into your HTML template.

<div id="navigaiton">
<div id="dialog">

Instantly observe the impact of your changes in the template#

After tweaking performance of your website, the change is visible in just three minutes. This is useful for all environments such as production, pre-production, test etc.

Hero Elements graph

Hero Elements are very strong and accurate method on measuring what and when was displayed to the user.#

For accurate measurements we use DOMHighResTimeStamp with precision from 5 µs (microseconds) to a millisecond. You can mark every part of your web site - there are no limitations!

Elasticsearch index

  • Hero Elements are automatically stored into c.performance-entries-* index with performance entries.

How to make it work#

Your developers must add start mark <script>performance.mark('HE-start-main-menu')</script> before each element, that you want to be measured and add stop mark <script>performance.mark('HE-stop-main-menu')</script> after it. That’s all. Canarytrace will automatically collect all hero elements that start with prefix HE-

Hero Elements injector#


If all your developers are busy and you don’t know, how to add start mark in the code, you can use Hero Elements Injector. Inject this snippet before all it methods with open a new page or navigate page. Choose this approach only when you don't have the ability to change the HTML template.

  • It’s not recommended to use other measurement methods of Canarytrace with this method, because it could increase time of other metrics. E.g. PERFORMANCE_ENTRIES_INTERCEPT or PT_AUDIT etc.
Example, how to inject Hero Element marks
it('inject hero element measurement', function () {
// configuration
const configuration = {
patterns: [{
urlPattern: '*',
resourceType: 'Document',
requestStage: 'Response'
// rules
const rules = [
['<head>', '<script>performance.mark(\'HE-start-head\')</script>\n<head>'], // before <head>
['</head>', '<head>\n<script>performance.mark(\'HE-stop-head\')</script>'], // after </head>
['<body', '<script>performance.mark(\'HE-start-body\')</script><body'], // before <body>
['</body>', '</body>\n<script>performance.mark(\'HE-stop-body\')</script>'], // after </body>
browser.InjectHeroElements(configuration, rules)


  • It’s always better to cooperate with your developers and avoid injecting Hero Elements mark
  • If you have HTML template with Hero Elements mark from your developer, you can use combination HERO_ELEMENTS, PERFORMANCE_ENTRIES_INTERCEPT and PT_AUDIT
  • If you combine InjectHeroElements, PERFORMANCE_ENTRIES_INTERCEPT and PT_AUDIT it's better to run two instance of your monitor script.
    • Firstly, run the script collecting only PERFORMANCE_ENTRIES_INTERCEPT, PT_AUDIT
    • Secondly, run with injector method InjectHeroElements and HERO_ELEMENTS to collect Hero Elements