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Keeping web application in good shape

Keeping your web application in good shape is never ending process. Web application is something like living organism, it’s under development process for whole time and of course it’s changing whole time. Growing and learning new modern technologies.

Keeping web application in good shape

Let’s take a look on possible way how to maintain and keep high standards for whole time.

First we need to evaluate website health, as we learn last time in article What is web performance test? For our customers are important three pillars: Speed, Usability, Stability.

1. Evaluate shape of web application#

Using Field data we are able to simple get information about status of our web page. All of these data are real data from our customers. We are able to take a looks and focus on real problems.

2. Optimisation#

When we find where we have got problems or space to improvement (always is space to improvements, don’t worry). Now development team needs to be involved and using right tooling, their could be able to identify root cause and be able to find solution for fix.

3. Monitoring#

When fix is implemented we are able to deliver fixed version to production. When it’s available we are able to again check field data with main performance metrics, but here we found limitation of Field data. We will receive outcome in more than one months. For validation of fix this is not a best way (long time, no improvement, etc…). Better way is to use tool for synthetic Web performance analysis n production, if we use it in good way (very often with proper setup) we are able to validate fix just after deployment to prod. That’s one benefit of Canarytrace.

Is it enough?#

Today's web pages or web applications are very complex. Is not created only of development activities. But there are multiple 3rd party tools implement into. Such as marketing tool, performance tool, advertisement, Facebook and many other integrations. Validation only by field data (RUM - real user monitoring) without detail is not enough. Anything could be broken any time. New banner with bad image format or big size can brake whole web page. For this reason is good practise to automatically monitor web vitality by synthetic tool. You’ll be immediately notified about any degradation from users point of view.

If you implement while this round, and continuously monitor your web application. You can be proud of your application. And you’ll be able to see how customers will be satisfied and will spend more time on your web side.

Miroslav Kret,
December 2021