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Canarytrace Edition

What you’ll learn#

  • What is different betwen Canarytrace Pro and Canarytrace for DevOps

Canarytrace for DevOps#

Canarytrace is a Plug’n'Play stack for testing and monitoring your web application from user perspective. E.g. open homepage -> search product -> add product to basket -> buy. From each step you get an overview of whether it is available and how fast it loads.

Canarytrace for DevOps is ideal solutions for people from IT operations or for start with Canarytrace.

You can switch on smoke mode, because smoke is a maintenance free stack and just enter only a collection of landing pages. You get an overview of whether each landing pages works and how fast it loads.

Canarytrace Pro#

Canarytrace Pro adds additional audits such as performance audits, audit unused resources such as (javascript, css, etc.), hero elements, collecting requests and responses called between browser and server and much more.