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Heroes of your web application

Surely you know what people need to see first when they open your website or e-shop. It can be video, logo, events, discounts, buy button, pictures of your work... the most important how you want to keep the user/customer on your page, but how quickly does the essential really appear to the user in the browser?

The madness around web performance#

Are you caught too? Today, everyone tackles web speed, SEO optimization, compares results, measures competition, but does he really measure accurately and well? Are the results biased? And what does the total page load speed tell you about how long it takes for the user to see just that "Your Hero" in the browser? This is what hero elements find out for you.

Heroes of your web application

Hero elements and how fast they are?#

Let's talk more about "Hero elements" if you haven't heard this term before and don't know it, all the better,you'll learn how simply the total time to load a particular element on your website can be measured. The exact time when your hero - the most important element the user sees and can react. By the way Did you know that after 3 seconds of loading a site, every second increases the likelihood of a user leaving you to join the competition?

Inserting a hero element can simply be done to any element on the web page without restrictions, either directly in the creation of web pages or in pages already completed. Contact the creator of your site to have hero elements put on the individual components you want to measure. Here you will find out about implementation of Hero elements

By applying Hero elements not only to the main element on the page, but also to other components throughout the whole site, it will help you to find out more accurate loading times for your entire site.

Now you know the Heroes and don't be afraid to use them.

Veronika Pánková, Performance Evangelist
September 2021